You can rent a home as you prepare to purchase one.

If you live in your home, you can work with a Homeownership Coach to prepare for a mortgage.

How is work

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1- Apply

Connectwith us at +1 205-704-8474 and share your requested documents. Find out if you pre-qualify for this program in minutes. It's requires no commitment, and does not affect your credit score.

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2-Receive home budget

Our underwriting team will verify your financial documents and give you an approved home budget to go home shopping with.

Your dedicated Client Advisor and chosen Realtor will guide you through the approval, touring & purchase process.

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3- Choose your home

Your dedicated Client Advisor and chosen Realtor will help you find a home within your approved budget that meets Wambui street property criteria.

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4-We buy the home you choose

We make an offer, perform due diligence and buy the home for you. This includes all closing costs and fees.

You make an initial deposit of 2-3% of the purchase price that goes towards your security deposit and down payment savings.

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5- Rent from us

Rent your home from us while you prepare to buy it.

Your monthly payment varies based on home purchase price and target market.

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6- Coaching prepares you for a mortgage

Whether you need to improve your credit score or save for a down payment, your dedicated Homeownership Coach will support you in creating a plan to become mortgage ready.

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7- Buy your home back when ready

We will help you navigate the mortgage process and purchase the home back from Wambui Street.

Become a homeowner

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