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Establish business credit for your company without paying interest

We are the only that gives small business owners the opportunity to build payment history on a large bank loan – without paying interest.

Pay a one-time fee Make 25 or 50 monthly payments 100% of every monthly payment builds your company’s savings PAY NO INTEREST

Why build business credit for your company?

SBA loans are the ‘gold standard’ of small business loans. With an SBA loan your company can obtain operating funds with favorable rates and long repayment terms of up to 25 years, minimizing required monthly payments and maximizing your financial flexibility.

The SBA requires a FICO SBSS credit score for every SBA loan approval. If you ever want to get approved for an SBA loan, you’ll need a FICO SBSS credit score for your company of at least 155, but most likely 160 to 180+. FICO SBSS scores range from 0 to 300.

A FICO SBSS score has three main components:

1. Your personal credit profile 2. Your company’s business credit profile 3. Current financial metrics and history for your company

If you don’t have a business credit profile, your company’s FICO SBSS score will be lower because it will be calculated using ONLY on your personal credit and your company’s financials.

By establishing and building a strong business credit profile for your company, you will increase your FICO SBSS score and your chances to be approved for a SBA loan.

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